THIS is a collection of mini-posts that explains step-by-step how to create, add, and administer Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Here I will show you how to add a new project to Source Control…

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Now let’s begin…

a. Firstly, ensure that your Solution and Projects have been created under your MAPPED TFS root folder (eg C:\TFS\).
If your solution is located elsewhere, you may receive an error message like:

“Failed to create mapping. Cannot map server path, $/xxxxx/MyApp because it is not rooted beneath a team project”

b. Right-click on the Solution of your project

c. Select “Add Solution to Source Control”…

20130117 3331

d. Select the ROOT folder to host your Solution files and projects [1]

e. Select a SUBFOLDER name that will be created under the ROOT folder you selected in [2]

f. Confirm the path to the solution files and folders [3]

20130117 3332

Hit OK, and your Solution files should now be checked into TFS!

Any questions.. just leave me a message!

Next Up:  Learn How to Grant Permissions to a new TFS Project for Users, TFS Groups and Windows Groups