THIS is a collection of mini-posts that explains step-by-step how to create, add, and administer Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Here I will show you how to Grant Users and Groups permissions to a newly created TFS Project…

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Now let’s begin…

1. Firstly, log onto your TFS server (eg http://my-tfs-server:8080/tfs/_Admin)

2 Ensure your Default Collection is selected.

3. Click on following link “Manage collection security and group membership”…

20130117 4441

4. There are two options available in order to grant users access.

a. Via TFS Groups

b. Via individual Windows Users accounts

The example below shows how to create a new TFS Group and to add users to the Group.

5. Click on “Create TFS Group”…

20130117 4442

6. In the modal popup, enter the name of your new TFS Group…

20130117 4443

7. Hit OK. and the newly created TFS Group should appear on the LEFT.

8. Select the new TFS Group you just created

9. Then click on the “Member” tab as shown below.

20130117 4444

10. A list of ‘existing’ members are shown.  To add a new member to this TFS Group click on the ADD button and follow the simple prompts…

20130117 4445

11.  Once that is done, you’re ready to grant the TFS Group access to a TFS Project.

12. Click on “Control Panel” on the TOP LEFT

13. Select your TFS Project (in the example, this is “Deployment Signoff”) [1]

14. Click on “Manage project security and group membership”… [2]

20130117 4446

15. Click on the “Members” tab

16. .. and you should see a list of existing members (windows accounts and/or TFS Groups) that already exist.

17. Click the ADD button

20130117 4447

18. Select either to add a Windows User or Windows Group, or select to add a TFS Group…

20130117 4448

19. In the modal popup, search for your desired User, or Windows Group or TFS group.

20. Hit “Save Changes”

20130117 4449

21. Once the changes are saved, you should see a new row added to the existing access list with your new user account, or group…

20130117 4450