TFS via Windows Shell using TFS Power Tools

THIS guide will show you how to access a TFS server and perform simple check-out and check-in actions via the windows shell.

There are several solutions possible ranging from:

  1. TFS Command line tools
  2. 3rd Party Non-Microsoft tools such as Tortoise Subversion (TortoiseSVN) [link]
  3. Microsoft TFS Power Tools
  4. Visual studio Team Explorer

I believe this is the most lightweight Visual Studio alternative to access TFS source controlled files.

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Log4net Implementation

LOG4NET has been around for years… literally years! I remember using log4net for the first time some 5-6 years ago in my first job. Now almost 6 years later, I’m still finding log4net to be a reliable logging utility.

In this article, I will provide details on my implementation of log4net into a WCF Service for use with my development framework..

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Consuming a REST Service

THERE are certainly lots of articles around that explain how to create your own WCF REST service. However, I couldn’t find many that explained how to consume a REST service. So this is what I’ll concentrate on in this article… so read on..

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