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MaxRequestLength – Packet sizes: Size isnt everything

IF you have coded a file upload component in .Net before you would have probably used the Asp.Net File Upload control. You would  have also come across the fact that the default HTTP Request size for a Web Application is set to 4MB. A search thereafter would have introduced you to the maxRequestLength Attribute that is configurable in your Web.config.

Increasing this value to say 40,960 will allow 10x the default file size to be posted to your web server. This will fix your immediate file size limitation to 40MB. But what it also means is that you have now opened your Web application to accept any request 10x the standard request length. The question you need to ask yourself is, is this a good thing or is this a bad thing.. ?

In this article I will explain how to go one step further and show how you can implement a buffered and streaming approach to file downloading and uploading…

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Using SQL FileStream Types in your Databases

of the guide to SQL Server FileStream Types provided you with the steps necessary to enable SQL FileStream Types in your SQL Server instances.¬† In this Part 2 article I will explain how you setup a Database to use SQL FileStreams, how to create a Table with the FileStream Type attribute. And how to Insert and Select Filestream data…

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How to enable SQL FileStream Types

uploads in the traditional sense is all about uploading data files to the Server and keeping it there for downloading later on. If you are like me and have coded Web Applications with File uploading capabilities – then it’s most likely you have configured your Web application to accept and store these uploaded files in an ”upload’ folder on the server; while the relative path (or perhaps the full-path) to the file is stored as a field in the database.

This works fine… there are no major issues with this method at all.

In this article I will explain some alternative solutions to this method, and show how you can enable the use of SQL Server FileStreams in your applications…

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