MANY corporate environments rely on a backbone system that controls access to the entire corporate network. One of the more common systems out there is Microsoft’s Active Directory. Active Directory is a directory service. It is a hierarchical system of objects where each object can be a phyical or virtual entity within the corporate environment.  Entities can range from being a meeting room, a person, a printer, or a computer system.

These entities can then be grouped together to form organisational units. Organisational Units are created to tie common entities together; whether it be a geographical grouping or a structure grouping. Each entity is comprised of many attributes. These attributes provide additional information about the entity. For example a Person entity will have their Login, Firstname, Surname and Department etc as attributes.

Developing a software solution for a corporate environment will most likely entail Active Directory access for various reason. In this article I will explain how you can create your own Active Directory querying utility to suit your requirements…

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