IF you have a form control with either a Formatting or Validation rule (or both) and they are not triggering correctly – It might be due to the referenced control being updated in the Javscript and you are not triggering an On-Change event. Thus any changes made in the Javascript are being broadcast.

When you trigger an On-Change event, the Nintex framework notifies all other controls a change has been made. This will ‘refresh’ the formatting and validation rules that references that changed control.

  1. Suppose you have a button that is Disabled if the textbox control “txtTitle” is empty or null.
  2. If you type something in “txtTitle” this will trigger the button’s rules correctly. However, if you set the value of “txtTitle” using Javascript, you will notice the button rule isn’t applied.


To fix this, you will need to add the second line of code to broadcast the on-change event:

NWF$('#' + txtTitle).val("my test value");
NWF.FormFiller.Functions.ProcessOnChange(NWF$('#' + txtTitle));

Hope this helps!