MS Graph API and Sharepoint Online

Today I will be covering the steps you will need to upload files to a Sharepoint Online Document library using the Microsoft Graph API. If you haven’t read my previous article on getting started with the MS Graph API please take a moment to do so: Getting Started with the Microsoft Graph API

The content in this article follows on from the functions I have created in this previous article.

Let’s get started…

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Getting Started with the Microsoft Graph API

The Microsoft Graph API is a service provided by Microsoft that allows developers to connect their applications to Microsoft cloud services such as (Sharepoint, OneDrive, Mail, Calendar, Active Directory etc).


It took me a little while to understand and figure out how to integrate the Graph API into our own internal API services. To help you out, this article shows how I accomplished authentication and how i consumed some of the Graph API services within my own internal API services.

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jQuery + MVC: Cascading dropdowns, and Auto-completes

Alot of developers who are only getting started with either jQuery and/or MVC wants to know how to create Cascading Dropdowns, and the infamous Auto-Complete function for textboxes.

In this article, I will describe how you too can achieve this with a few simple steps.

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