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RIA Services: File uploading – service method

THE final part to our File Uploading via RIA Services exercise is the Domain Service itself. This article continues from RIA Services: File uploading. Before reading this article, I encourage you to have a glimpse of the prerequisite articles list below:


Here I will go into detail on how to code your domain service class to receive data packets sent across the wire from the File Stream Uploader generic handler class.

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RIA Services: File uploading

RIA Services is a relatively new addition to Microsoft’s repertoire of frameworks and services for Application Development; and the understanding of Domain services is the core concept behind it all.

In this article I will explain the architecture that combines a Silverlight Client Application to a RIA services solution. The solution will connect to a SQL Database back-end that uses SQL Server FileStream types for file storage.

Specifically I will explain how you can transfer files in a Silverlight + RIA Services architecture to and from a SQL Server Database using FileStream Types…

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File Buffering and Streaming

FOLLOWING on from my article about Packet Sizes I hope it has given you insight on how smaller packets are much more ideal over larger packets of data. Not only is it safer for your Web server, it also gives you control how much traffic you want your applications to use in your network.

In this article I will provide an example on how to stream data from a Silverlight Client to the Web Server using the Buffered and Steaming approach. A general knowledge of .Net Generic Handlers is ideal because this solution relies heavily on custom handlers to feed data to and from our Web server.


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